Massimo Vignelli on why he left Italy

“I left Italy because the ceiling was too low. It turns out NYC has no ceiling!”
– Massimo Vignelli

(From tonight’s fantastic TDC Night of the Italians)

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  1. ha ha! what a nice way to phrase it! I don’t think London has a ceiling either – at least, that’s what I’m discovering.

  2. Working in Italy can turn the beautiful woman into an old hag. Better to BE there than to WORK there.

  3. I absolutely loved what he said about not following trends:

    ‘If you’re never in you’re never out!’

  4. Every italian designer must agree with Massimo’s words.
    The generation of “heroes” like Vignellis, Enzo Mari etc comes from the great energy that surrounded Italy after the downfall of fascism.
    I hope the same for the generation that will follow the end of berlusconism (maybe as soon as possible).

  5. Italy has no ceiling. Has double layered floor. / Carlo, sono d’accordo. E speriamo che l’era di SB finisca presto!!