Pin-Up Frame

pin-up framePin-Up Frame

Lightweight, durable, affordable & portable. All these words that seems atypical of a traditional wall frame can apply to this unique single structured interior wall decorative. The Pin-Up Frame can be pinned, taped or hung on almost any type of surface you can imagine. Using magnets (not included), it can also be placed on metal surface as well. Comes in three 3 classic colors (white, black and clear). Includes 4 same colored pins.

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  1. You could probably even use it as a jell-o mold.

  2. It’s great, love the pin-up frame. You always find interestig things :)

  3. love the idea but the price…

    I have bought frames that look very similar to this, real frames, for less money. Not from a flea market or anything, but from the store. I was going to say these would work perfect if I had known before, paint the color i want etc, but I don’t see the allure of them at this price point.

  4. I don’t understand the allure of these at all — I feel like their approach is dated in today’s world. I thought throw-away culture was so 2008. Why does the design world give us the message that we need to strive for sustainability one day; but the next day it’s still okay to maintain “bad old unsustainable ways” when it flexes *really clever* whimsy? – Debbie Downer, confused by the enduring trend of inconsistency