swiss felt door handle protector


Here’s a product that made me look: Umgewohnt, a switzerland based company, produced these awesome felt door/window handle protectors. Just slip them on your door or window handle and voila, no more slamming of the door and making dents into the wall. Beautiful and practical. Here’s a list of stores that carries them. (But man, they need a better web presence!)

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  1. This is lost on me. I would never want this thing on my handle. Just go buy a rubber stopper.

  2. I’m wondering if felt rubbing against a metal door handle is a good idea – wouldn’t static electricity be a concern?

  3. This is very cute, but I don’t believe it would work. Just invest in a good old-fashioned rugged American door stopper. Swiss felt cannot compete with Chicago steel in this case.

  4. Strangely- this is exactly what I need. I have no way to put a stopper in my house due to the closet door opening toward my front door. Thanks for the tip.

  5. It reminds me very much of pipe insulation, maybe it is…

  6. Eh, these are just felt washers, used by drummers on cymbal stands. You can get the for a pittance at you local music shop.

    Nice idea, though.

  7. @nate @sam Lowry @Nate @louis w
    This is not a door stopper. Many areas in Europe (e.g. Switzerland) don’t have door knobs, they have door handles instead. This door handle protector is to protect your hand from touching the cold metal door handle.
    Great idea except I’d prefer it to be wider and thinner so it’s easier for the hand to get a grip.

  8. What’s to stop them from falling off the lever when you open the door? This is not a better door bumper. Nice try.

  9. I have lived in countries with door handles all my life and the need for something to protect my hands against the cold metal has never occured to me. However, the need to protect metal door handles and white walls from bumping into each other (and leaving marks) has. Thanks for the tip about the cymbal felt washers!

  10. @cecile

    i really doubt these are to protect your hand from touching a door handle. If that is their purpose they are designed all wrong. Plus, how cold could a door handle really be that you don’t want to touch it?

    they are to stop the door from slamming into your wall just like they are listed above.

    personally i love felt, but this doesn’t make sense at all. hopefully they have lots of diameters too, because it would have to be sized just right.

    many many more elegant options out there.

  11. Hi, Could anyone tell me how I can protect my front door brass handles from getting chewed up by ladies diomond rings, is their anythink on the market that would protect my door handles. Alan

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  15. Please advise where to buy this door protectors. Please respond.