Cloud Formations

cloud formations

The ten primary cloud formations illustrated and explained in one simple and easy to understand diagram. I heart clouds. Screen-printed on 100lb natural stock paper (20″ x 26″) with glow in the dark ink, so you can continue to study and learn long after the sun goes down. Perfect for any kid’s room!

(thank you mark)

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  1. Another great Etsy find. I just bought one. Thanks swissmiss. :)

  2. This is lovely! I remember my Dad, a former WWII pilot, would explain all the different formations to me when I was a kid : )

    My sister and her husband have a wonderful photo series of clouds— I love the eye chart in particular!

  3. Oh dear I just bought it! can never remember my cloud names, and my son would love it.
    Reading Blogs is an expensive pass time.