Design Limericks for your Amusement

There once was a UI Designer
Who thought a right-nav was more finer.
But users bemoaned
When they could not find “Home”,
And simply restarted their browser.

There was an “Adobe Updater”
Who’s button said “Update me later”.
Whenever we’d work,
It popped up like a jerk.
And so we are “Updater” haters!

15 Top Graphic Design Limericks for your Amusement, by Douglas Bonneville

(via smashingmagazine)

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  1. There once was a Limerick writer,
    Whose poems couldn’t be tighter.
    His ideas were all class,
    Until he tried to pass,
    ‘Browser’ as rhyming with ‘finer’

  2. There once was a dour commenter,
    Whos time could not be better spenter.
    He picked at my verse,
    In a mood that was terse,
    While ignoring his own sloppy meter!


  3. There once was a rhyme in contention,
    Whose author felt inclined to mention.
    But he missed out the fact,
    That the replier had cracked,
    A joke with mis-rhyme as intention.
    :) :)

  4. There once was a blog thing called Swiss-Miss,
    Which hosted some poetic misfits:
    With awkward pentameter,
    They caused a calameter
    But increased more hits for the Swiss-Miss!

    :) :) :)

    Their once was a limerick poet,
    Who stunk but he quite did not know it:
    When rejections piled higher,
    He became a designer
    And said “Hey, a first-grader can do it!”


    I once did a logo inspection,
    Where type was set in reflection.
    The kerning was tight,
    And the leading not right,
    But some how it summed up perfection.

    :) :) :) :)

  5. There once was a Tweeter named SwissMiss,
    Who found the banal more like Christmas.
    She could look at a stick,
    Take one helluva pic,
    And use it to brand someone’s business.

  6. There once was a thing called the fold
    Which we were all told to behold
    But browsers and resolution
    Gave us no clear solution
    And now the whole thing is quite old