Google Dashboard

Also read the followin article over on Mashable: Google Dashboard: Now You Know What Google Knows About You.

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  1. I am stunned how people let such a huge company know nearly everything about them. Storing their personal letters at google, storing their documents at google, letting them know what I was looking for on the net, what kind of music I like, where I am going every day…. Why do people think that this is OK???

  2. If you are connected to the internet they already know. Google is just making it easy to see. The answer is to live your life as a open book. That anyone can open and read.

  3. Atleast I find it good..
    I dont remember how many Google services I have signedup and now I have a
    admin space from where I can see and control all my stuff associated with Google.

  4. conducted a study among 295 viewers of a news clip featuring Google’s new Dashboard, which allows users to view information about their previous searches. Results found that that more than one-third of viewers (38%) reported that they will use Google’s search engine less frequently after learning of the feature. Among the viewers who reported that they would use Google less, more than half (52%) reported that they would use Yahoo as their alternative search engine. Furthermore, nearly half of the viewers (48%) stated that they were “not at all comfortable” with search engine companies monitoring and collecting data from their searches.
    More in depth results can be seen at: