Ioline Changing Trunk

ioline changing table

Now that my belly is getting HUGE I am starting to get out of my denial and am actually starting to think about how we will set up the apartment once swissmisster arrives mid february. I can’t stand changing tables and will refuse to put one in our apartment, so this Ioline Changing Trunk made me rejoice. What a brilliant idea! I love furniture that has a double purpose and grows with your kid. It’s basically a changing table on the floor that turns into seating for your tot as well. It’s made from 100% natural, non-toxic and sustainable materials. (And yes, I will only dream of owning one of these as the pricetag is a little steep.)

(via minordetails)

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  1. I agree with you, changing tables are ugly. but, as a father i will give you an advice. you will have to change your sons diaper about 10 times a day. day and night. i’m happy i never had to do this on the floor.

  2. I agree – the changing pad needs to be at the right height for you when you’re standing. Especially when your baby gets heavier and heavier – it’d really hurt to have to bend down every time you change him. We had (2) IKEA Alex drawer units on casters and used those as the baby’s dresser. We put a changing pad on top and it works quite well.

    Congratulations by the way! I am a reader/follower but had no idea you were pregnant.

  3. I also agree, changing tables are ugly but necessary.
    But check the convertible STOKKE Care at
    We chose it for our newborn son and it’s just great.

  4. Ohh I agree as well those change table trolley things are butt ugly.. we bought this in the end – – the change table part of it is removable and then it’s just a chest of drawers but any change mat on a pretty chest of drawers would do. The other good thing about the drawers was we keep all the nappies and associated bits and pieces are out of sight

  5. These guys also do great kids furniture too.They are based in Spain and everythign is hand made.

  6. Just get a nice piece of furniture that you do like that is changing table height and has storage inside and whack a funky changing mat on top.

    Hey presto a changing table you like the look of … when you aren’t using it, put the mat away inside the unit if it bothers you to see it out.

    It’s definitely going to be useful to have a dedicated area to change a baby at.