Luft Wall Shelf

Luft Wall Shelfluft wall shelf

How lovely is this skinny Luft Wall Shelf by Anna Salonen? Only 9 cm wide, it will find its place almost everywhere. The depth is such that the placed books, DVDs or CDs do not completely disappear but remain partly visible. Naturally LUFT can be mounted also crosswise and so serves as storage for small utensils.

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  1. Sometimes the simple things really are the best.

  2. How does one purchase these? None of the sites that list it lead anywhere but to the one you list here. And no where is there a place to buy them.

  3. Oh to own all my books in beautiful similer sizes with different shades of blue.

    – Philip

  4. im into it. nice solution.

  5. Why does the stuff I want to read never look like the stuff I want to looks at?