Mustache on your Bike

mustache on your bike

Every bike has personality, but does yours have enough personality to sport a mustache? Give your bike a bit of bling and help it to stand out from the crowd with a copper mustache head badge. Approximately 1″ tall by 2″ wide. Keep it flush against the frame, or bend the curls out for even more fun. Made me smile.

(thank you anna)

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  1. My friend Adam, who is an avid bicyclist, really needs this.

  2. Might just be me, and not to rain down on your mustache parade, but I am getting a bit tired of mustaches in general.

    The part that helped set me over the edge, lego mustaches, that barely resembled mustaches, at renegade for like $10 or $15 each. Ridiculous. It was like 15 pieces of lego…

  3. Best. Ever. I want one.

  4. Have to say that i agree with Josh….its getting a bit tired now.

  5. So Carlotta does this mean that you’re back to shaving your lip every morning?

  6. Josh,

    I feel you on these mustaches. Let’s move on.

  7. They may fall in and out of coolness, but let’s celebrate the courageous few who wear it even during the most Gillette-friendly of times, when the hipsters have moved on to the Richie Cunningham look…What?

  8. @Carlotta, @David, @Josh: Oh, I am sorry but my love for all things mustache is alive and kicking, you might have to just tune it out. Sorry!