Optical Illusion

Watch what happens with these diamonds (no camera tricks or special effects used here…just an optical illusion).

(via atenepopular)

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  1. Wow.

    Once the diamond was removed, I kept thinking of a monotone crayola box. Weird.

    You always have some really interesting finds. I love this place!


  2. Whoa, that is tripping me out! I can’t stop watching it!

  3. Ow! Cool!
    I think it has something to do with how these diamonds are exposed to the light.

  4. @ahmed: try it yourself :) i guess it’s really only an optical illusions… the eye adjusts the color perceived to the surroundings of the moving diamond or something.

  5. It has to do with the light that reflects *from* the diamonds, a a bit more from the top of the triangle than from the bottom ;)

  6. The “diamonds” are all the same. There’s a slight gradient from top corner to bottom.

  7. What’s really amazing is that it’s a different person’s hand that moves the diamond each time! Watch closely!!!

  8. amazing thankyou :)

  9. sorcerors magic

  10. As AM said, the diamond has a gradient, and appears darker towards the top where the white shapes are. It’s a clever trick and fun to figure out!

    Nice post!

  11. This is absolutely bewitching. But I know it from somewhere else. It’s really an optical illusion… no trickery here. It’s the way our brains work.

  12. My theory on this ptical illusion = it’s all reflective off the hue it is next to when moved.

  13. My guess is that the moving diamond is made out of gray vellum paper.

  14. its silly how some are so sure there is a gradient or other tricky things. The color is flat, like sn0flk wrote it’s all reflective off the hue it is next to when moved. Next to light colors that shade of gray is percieved darker, next to dark colors it’s percieved lighter.

  15. Very good @rox for the detailed explanation on color/hue behavior.

    And side note, pardon my typo… *optical illusion

    Great post!

  16. I watched it three times did not understand, good magic!