What is Google Wave?

This Google Wave video made me laugh:

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  1. Frickin awsome. A credit to the author would be good (ya know, so I don’t have to go to google and figure it out. M

  2. Now if someone can just figure out the other 96.5% of what Google Wave is supposed to be.

  3. Hello Tina,

    Have sent you an e-mail regarding Google wave today – got an offer for you concerning some Google Wave invites !

    Take care!


  4. Mike: Or, you could, like, wait till the credits come up at the end…you know.

  5. So, the sort version is that it’s a wiki with a little bit of glitz around updates/versioning?

  6. Great Video if you need an invite I got some. I won’t give to everyone, just those like you who know what to do with it and a energetic about using it. And I know you just said in the vid what you would use it for but check my e-mail since you moderate and send to my e-mail but add +googwave before @gmail.com and send reason why you want it and how you will use it and doesn’t matter what you answer I will nominate you for one

  7. Great video- Well done… Can’t wait for more…