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Career advice from Charlie Hoehn:

Therein lies the best career advice I could possibly dispense: just DO things. Chase after the things that interest you and make you happy. Stop acting like you have a set path, because you don’t. No one does. You shouldn’t be trying to check off the boxes of life; they aren’t real and they were created by other people, not you. There is no explicit path I’m following, and I’m not walking in anyone else’s footsteps. I’m making it up as I go.

(via kottke)

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  1. “Chase after the things that interest you and make you happy.”
    I love that!

  2. This is just what I needed today.

  3. Ironic considering the post above it.

  4. I don’t find it ironic at all. Before I started using a to-do list, I was more scatterbrained and couldn’t focus on my work- I got less done, and therefore couldn’t do as much. If the advice given is to, “just DO things,” implicit in that statement is the statement that you should enable yourself to do as many things as possible.

  5. Beautifully yet simply stated.

  6. this is so real! i think sometimes we block ourselves by trying to organize our path…. when really its too big of a task!

  7. So easy to forget this advice in a culture where everyone is rehersing in their minds the answer to “what do you do”?

  8. nice words, nice message