Cereal Box House Tutorial

houses made out of cereal boxes

Cereal Box House Tutorial over on Bella Dia. Lovely.

(via mint)

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  1. so lovely and simple. will do this with my kiddos. thanks for the fun link!

  2. I know what my son and I are doing this week.

  3. thanks for the link! i don’t have kids (or nieces or nephews) but this is so cute that i’m filing it away for some future someone…

  4. I made 9 of these for my 7-year old granddaughter. Two were round, like yurts. One was a barn with a toilet paper silo. They all have doors that open nicely, revealing the insides.
    After we finished painting them in bright colors (different from these) we made 4 salt dough people and some animals. She tore through her toy chest to pull out all the other animals she could find.
    Her plan now is to mount them on a large cardboard and make painted pathways and lawns. I live far away so had to leave her with that last bit of genius. Other than reading her 7th book of Harry Potter it’s all she talks about!
    Light goes off: Harry Potter action figures! The village could be Hogswort! (Correct name?)
    Thanks for this fantastic project!