Fireplace of my dreams

This is officially the fireplace (and room around it) of my dreams. It’s part of ‘Raumstation Irnharting’ in Gunskirchen / Austria by x architekten (AT).

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  1. It’s the fireplace of my dreams, too, but wouldn’t the glass get super dirty really quick?

  2. Hm.

    Sterile and lifeless … and the glass would get wicked hot and wicked dirty wicked fast. I dunno … 

  3. Wenn die trickreich das Glas mit Kippfunktion eingebaut haben, bleiben die Scheiben so sauber…Mir ist aber das Feuer nicht wichtig genug… das Fenster, der Arbeitsplatz…alles Dinge, die die Aufmerksamkeit ablenken. Aber hübsch ist es :)

  4. the technical solution must be very interesting…

  5. yeah, sterile and lifeless…you hit the nail right on the head. I understand the no “frou” but you need a little stuff around you to make you feel cozy. That’s it…no cozy.

  6. @ silus. i can’t believe you used “wicked” three times.

  7. wow! nice indeed. I love the whole house.

  8. hello!
    It is a nice fireplace…
    Actually the glass gets dirty anyway if used.
    Technically is possible to remove the glass box or visit it and clean.
    It depends on the architectural and technical solution adopted.
    In this case is hidden and the technical approach is not visible.
    Anyway, is a clean and very interesting architectural solution.
    Bye ;)


  9. More like, place of my dreams.

  10. Even if it did get dirty, Mr Muscle loves the jobs you hate :)

  11. Well I guess you would use a gas fire and change the glass every so often. If you can afford that fire you can afford to change the glass

  12. There is a glass fireplace at my local Panara Bread. They have signs posted above the fireplace(Glass Hot do not touch). There is something about glass that makes us want to touch it. The manager of the store said even with the signs everyone still has to touch the glass to see if it is really hot.

  13. My son want’s to know how Santa can get out!

  14. @Chris, that last comment made me laugh.

  15. This might be the ultimate fireplace, but it lacks a few posters made with helvetica to be the ultimate living room :)

  16. All it needs is a toddler with a packet of crayons…..

  17. there is a way to initially burn and heat the glass of a fireplace so that it doesn’t collect carbon. if properly done you’d get minimal carbon build up, especially if it’s a gas and not wood fireplace.

  18. Lovely, I wonder if it’s child safe or if it has to be ruined (like my fireplace) by whacking an uninspiring looking fireguard round it.