IKEA iPhone Catalogue

IKEA UK has released a free iPhone catalogue app that lets you browse the latest catalogue on your phone. The 35mb (!!!) app lets you zoom in on pictures and flip through the pages so you can get your fix on the go.

(via grassrootsmodern)

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  1. Really not sure about making the IKEA catalogue an iphone app. It’s meant to be inspiring and I don’t think such a small screen can pull it off. Plus, you’d probably be better off browsing their website on your iphone. It’s more fresh and up to date. The catalogue generally gets launched in early Fall so most people have probably seen it already.

  2. Oh, verdana!
    Can’t enjoy IKEA’s catalogues anymore.

  3. Check out my Iphone app
    YAIS “yet another IKEA shopper”
    this is the link in the Apple store: