Modern Swiss Fireplaces by Rutz

One day, I will own a home with a big giant modern modular fireplace by swiss company Rutz. They’re a small company located in Rehetobel, 10minutes from where I grew up, on the swiss country side. Their simplicity and playfulness are stunning. Have you ever seen a swivveling fireplace? I am gasping for air looking at these.

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  1. A better use for this would be to hide a TV

  2. Amazing! Is it for wood or gas? How can a wood burning fireplace rotate? Beautiful!

  3. these all scream ‘fire hazard’ to me… but i’m sure the swiss have found a way to keep them safe, they always do.

  4. i’m in the beginning stages of a modern fireplace project for our great room. What are the chances of these being available in the States?

  5. Amazing modern contemporary setting. Love the fireplace too, very similar to Wamsler, thanks for sharing.

  6. i am amazed the woodstore disappears when in opens.