Reading One Book a Week for a Year

Michael Surtees put together an interesting Interview with Inaki Escudero who he rightfully describes as a ‘creative’s creative in that he’s extremely genuine, curious and open to new ideas. While a lot of people are living in an outdated model to pursue ideas, Inaki is embracing everything and anything which I highly respect.’

Inaki read one book a week for an entire year. Yes, that’s 52 books! Inspired to perhaps try such a thing himself, Michael had to find out more about how Inaki accomplished the readings and why. Click on the link below for their email conversation.

Talking About Reading One Book a Week for a Year, the Interview

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  1. Boring. Someone’s already read one book a day!

  2. @Kate? What makes this boring if somebody’s done it before?

    Inaki is a super interesting creative and therefore, his story is interesting.

  3. Okay, now I am inspired. I am going to try to read one book a week in 2010. Even if I only read one book every two or three weeks, I’ll be happy, but I plan to aim big!

  4. Largehearted Boy ( may have been the one who started this as a meme back in 2004, and it was hugely popular, particular with knitting blogs. I began mine in 2005 ( and will publish my 2009 list at the end of the year.

    It’s really not that hard to read 52 books; the novelty is in actually cataloging what you read. Anyone can read lots of books. Having a meme encourages you toward the goal. (Plus the bloggers around you.)

    I can understand where Kate is coming from because it’s a relatively old meme, but I think it’s the quality of the reading that makes those lists interesting. I’ve certainly read books based on what other bloggers have written about it.

  5. Thanks Kate I just visited Wow talk about a real challenge. Angie read over 300 more books this year. I thoroughly enjoyed her funny irreverant comments on the books and life in general. what a breath of fresh air!

  6. This is a great resolution for the new year. The fun part will be choosing the books to read.

  7. I could compete in the challenge one book in my live. I´m really trying hard, but i just can´t finish just one. Never ever!!! I´m a male, 31 years, german, and got an University Master working on my PhD at the time.