rotating kitchen

I’ve always wondered what our kitchen would look like if I’d turn it upside down. Given G is a kitchen designer, I am sure this will make him chuckle.

rotating kitchen from Zeger Reyers on Vimeo.

(thank you jon)

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  1. That was interesting. I honestly have never thought about this. Except for what would fall out in case of a major earthquake!

  2. Neat, but it seems rather wasteful.

  3. somehow this very disturbing to watch — experiencing this in real life would mean I was in an earthquake or other natural disaster, or in a war zone

  4. This is…crazy…and oddly fascinating. The main question springing to mind is ‘WHY?’.

  5. This was a bit traumatic for me. did you see what happened to my brand new kitchen this year?

  6. Did someone make a video of this with the camera rotating along? That would look pretty cool.

  7. Horrible art.

  8. Not art, but comedy. Sideways cooking from a Norwegian comedy show, they´re making waffles.

  9. How cool is that. Love it!

  10. Zeger Reyers (1966) is known for his installations in which he confronts artificial, man-made world with nature. He grew fungi from furniture and appliances and sank off seats in the Oosterschelde, to let them overgrown by mussels. In the work “Drum Kit” (2004) he connected a hundred empty oil drums and placed them into the sea. The tangle of drums became an instrument played by the sea that made dull, thumping sounds. Simultaneously it showed the enormous power of the sea: after seven weeks the vessels were almost unrecognizable dented and rusted
    Zeger Reyers intention is not make an moral judgment over the harmful influence of man on the environment. He shows the wonder and power of nature through his art in an intensified way. While observing the viewer is made aware of the fragility of the man-made environment. With his intelligent and imaginative use of material, Zeger Reyers surprises the viewer and confronts him with the relativity of our certainties in life. He surprises the viewer and forces him to think, reassess, and immediately gives him the opportunity to review things with an open mind.

  11. Everything we build is designed for gravity in a very specific direction. What happens when this constant is no longer there?

    Really interesting piece.

  12. Ha ha, why though why!!