The Pink Christmas Tree

pink christmas tree

My daughter’s head would explode if she found out that there is such a thing as a pink christmas tree. (She is in a full on pink phase!) Made me chuckle!

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  1. Cute. My little sister’s room is painted hot pink. It’s been going strong since kindergarden.

  2. My friend who´s a computer programmer sent me this in my work. I don ´t know what I have to think about him :)

  3. Wow. That’s dangerous!

    Tina, have you seen these… I found them on design milk and did my own post about them the other day?

  4. my 4 year old has serious pink phase right now. i’ll save and show her this next year, we are milking our much loved but decrepit white version one more xmas :)

  5. My 2year old almost had a stroke when she saw one at the hardware store. Hopefully she doesn’t expect to see them in the wild :)

  6. Cute. I like white trees also :)

    I’m still in my pink phase, every year my Christmas tree is festooned with pink!


  7. Well I am a Grandmother and i would love one…I am a Pink lady… all these