Wim Wenders Movie for Leica Camera

(via likecool)

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  1. I love these cameras! I even have one on my blog, they are timeless.

  2. Sumptuously gorgeous text in that ad. Lovely.

  3. By Far, Leica is my favorite.

  4. This is a wonderful ad! But it reminds me of how close I came to having one of my own. My father had an M3 when I was a child and teen but sold it about a year before I became interested in photography… *sigh!* Maybe one day I’ll come into some money and will be able to own one of these beautiful works of art.

  5. Yes, I was going to say, ‘if only I could afford one,’ as well. Sometimes, when down at my local camera shop, I ask to see one, peeking through it’s crystalline viewfinder, just to feel it.

  6. leica M8 is a dud
    problems were sorted in the M9
    I think Wenders should have noticed!!