Doormat Scale

Doormat scale that measures your guests weight.

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  1. A great way to make sure NOBODY wipes their feet before they come into your home.

  2. The person in the picture is either weightless or the scale is broke. Photoshopped fo sho!

  3. Oh heck no!
    I’d never visit their house!

  4. oh, just what I’ve always wanted!

  5. This might encourage guests to come bearing loads of gifts, so that they could blame the weight on those. It could work.

  6. this scale might be perfect for those signed up on which is getting press for booting out “fatties”:

  7. Some people might not want to come in.

  8. Maybe the summer version is covered in astroturf?

  9. Unless, I’m wrong, this is part of a larger conceptual project on people´s insecurities. I think it is by a CSM and RCA graduate.

  10. Funny, that’s too cruel, lol.

    I see people running over it in haste …