Mini Boxes

The Mini Car Company made it look as if their small cars were delivered in a cardboard box, like a fridge or tv. After the holidays, these boxes were put out on the street to get picked up by garbage men. Made me smile.

(via creativecriminals)

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  1. Just looks like blatant urban spam. Unnecessary messaging polluting our streets.

    Oh – and another video with agency staff pretending to be passerbys?

    Sorry, T – but I think this is more crap we just don’t need

  2. btw with this “Unnecessary Messaging” looks cool too, and make our streets full of colors and beauty.

  3. i have to agree with piers. this might have been clever/cute 10 years ago but in these enviro/green times, it seems pretty wasteful. i suppose this agency also encourages their employees to drink bottled water and leaves all their computers and lights on when they leave the office. :P

  4. I dont think enviro/green times have some thing to do with it. You know what is our problem, we used to fell on some thing more than it needs. When we want industrial and full of machines world for our luxury we forgot it will have reverse effects on our life and now we want 200% green world without thinking it can kick back us as first one did. WE SHOULD BEHAVE NORMAL NOT EXTRA ORDINARY ABOUT THINGS.

  5. I can’t believe they made a product to go straight into the waste stream.

  6. I thought they couldn’t stoop lower than advertising on fruit, but now advertising on garbage made solely for the purpose of advertising?! Boooo!