Rent a desk next door!

WORKSHOP, our fabulous new office neighbors built out their breathtaking studio space and are now ready to fill it with 4 more creative peeps! You?

Renting one of their desks means you will have the most jaw-dropping view of the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge e-v-e-r and you will be part of a cool group of creatives here on the 6th floor of 10 Jay Street!

By becoming part of Suite606 for $500/month, you’ll get unlimited positive vibes and…

– Your own desk (approximately 6 feet long, which can seat two if you have someone working with you for a day)
– Your own window with your own incredible view
– Your own snazzy white chair
– Your own cabinet cubby
– Wifi
– Laser printer access
– Refrigerator/freezer access
– Vermi-compost bin access (should you want to feed our worms)
– A collaborative work environment with the socially responsible design team, WORKSHOP
– Next door neighbordom with studio612a (swissmiss studio)

Want to become our next door neighbor? Yes? Email WORKSHOP! (Yes, the images above are for real!)

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  1. it would be a looong commutr from new hampshire

  2. What if I don’t own a white Mac?

  3. i would be the happiest person in the world if I could live and work in NY

  4. hm… might have to relocate my office from the sunny but crazy expensive shore of Sydney Australia to New York.

    $500 a month with those views?

    tinker… tinker… tinker… plotting plan on how to make the move to New York.

  5. You could preform surgery on any surface in that office.

  6. I’d love the opportunity to continuously pelt Chris with paper clips and practice my Swiss-German with someone other than immediate family, but that would mean I cannot eat lunch at home with my wife and kids.

    Really does sound like too much fun, but as long as I can stay home, I’m stayin’ home! :-)

  7. Wow it looks so much different than when I was visiting (before WORKSHOP moved in).


  8. Totally! It’s thanks to your video that I tweeted when you were here that Workshop found out about it. So, *thank you* Chris!

  9. Beautiful space :)

    – Marie

  10. Man! Such a good deal. I can’t take it, but loving the pictures anyway :D Thanks, Tina.

  11. Personally i could not work in such a sterile and small space but thanks for the post.

  12. I’m definitely not allowed in that place. I’ve got a black MacBook… much toooo evil, would through the entire concept off

  13. Renting a desk is such a great idea because it brings together people from many disciplines and opens up to unexpected collaborations. The white represents a blank canvas!

  14. Ohh I wished in NY I would have jumped at this in a second! :(

  15. Maui / Oregon / New York, wonder if I could make that work. Love NY, what a steal.


  16. This is a beautiful space. I love writing at home with my cat Charlotte to keep me company, but on those days when she won’t stop walking across my keyboard, I fantasize about renting office space!

  17. only in ny could you rent a desk for 500 dollars.

  18. architecture students over at pratt are using the empty lot next to your building as a site for this semester’s project. im sure you’ll see us out your window trying to jump the fence to take pictures :)

  19. wow! what kind of chairs are these? does anybody know?

  20. Thanks to Tina for posting! We’ve gotten three new awesome office mates! We’ll be writing about it soon.

    And thanks to Chris Glass for posting the video. That WAS the reason we knew about the space.

    Our chairs:

    Tell those Pratt Students they can come to our space if they need to get arial shots for their project!

  21. It’s awsome. May I sleep in there as well?

  22. They need to create this for other majors cities in the US and around the world. Much cheaper than getting an external office space.

  23. I’ve heard of renting offices but not desks.

  24. are you still renting.

    need a desk or two for small accounting biz so i can visit my client in Dumbo.