Slant-Ruled Notebook

A lot of people sort of twist their notebooks when they write in them, this Slant-Ruled Notebook by Matt Brown has lines that are at a 45 degree angle- good if you have to write in a tight spot, like on an airplane. Made me look.

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  1. I love that! It’s great when rethink the obvious. Like this Japanese notebook that uses giant margin space to facilitate creativity!

  2. What about us lefties!

  3. John, I was thinking the same thing. Need a version for lefties!

  4. this was made for me.


  5. Agree with the other Lefties…. is this available with the opposite slant??? That would be stellar for us!

  6. Umm, doesn’t this just exchange one problem for another? How often do you read at a 45 degree angle? Which is the greater inconvenience?

  7. This reminds me of writing notes in high school.

  8. Oh, this is brilliant. That is exactly how I write in my unlined notebooks — it’s the only way I can keep my writing in a straight line, I think because it’s very easy to maintain a straight line for the first few, much shorter lines, and then you have them as a guide as the page widens. But I love the idea of slanted lines (however, I would need one for lefties).

  9. I love this idea! Thought I’m not sure if I’d be able to stare at it for too long.

  10. We Lefties need this WAY more than right-handed people.

  11. This is simply genius. I actually right like that – starting from the upper left corner – when I have a chance, for example when I sign a card. Maybe reading will cause problems though – it will be awkward to hold a notebook sideways, or to keep bending your head.

  12. I always wondered why people write this way…

  13. yesterday I added a slant-ruled notebook PDF template to You can find it here:
    You’ve the option to select if you want it for left- or right-handed people.
    I would love to hear your feedback!

  14. Lefties would just turn the whole book upside down

  15. The lines still slant the same way upside down.

  16. Really great!
    Dramatic and with a sense of humor.

  17. I am lefty also! Neat idea for us lefties…we are always turning are papers.

  18. Love the idea! Apart from trying to make them ourselves, do you have some available for purchase? I’m a rightie, but can totally empathize with the lefties. The need for both would be a big hit and a hot seller!

  19. LEFTIES! just write from end to beginning

  20. what about for reading what you’ve written? will you have to tilt your head or hold the book at an angle?

  21. What good is putting them on the web if we can’t buy them. I’m left handed and worldwide have very good use for them.

    What a shame.

    Greg Rickenbach
    Miami Florida

    [email protected]

  22. It is a great idea ,but I’m a leftie you should create something for us !

  23. I would like to order some of these notebooks, can you send me the info?

    Thank You,

  24. I also would like order information for this notebook, please.

    Thank you!

  25. how do we buy one?!

  26. I would love to buy one!!! I’ve been looking for something like this for 2 years. Any way to buy one or anywhere online where we can buy one??

  27. I would love to purchase notebooks like this!!

  28. I saw almost same note in Korea, 2008.

  29. All the links appear to be dead ends…

  30. Not the perfect way, but lefties could turn the paper 90*…

  31. Where can you order them? Great idea love the notebook