test pattern puzzle

How much fun is this Test Pattern Puzzle? And while we’re at the Test Pattern Subject, check out the Wall Mounted Test Pattern Clock.

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  1. This makes us smile, too.

  2. oh das gabs im ORF sehr, sehr lange – das wird immer ein bringer sein – und ich bin schon gespannt, wenn ich meinen kindern erkläre, was das mal war…

  3. Very cute. I’ve had somewhat of a puzzle obsession lately so this really makes me smile.

  4. Hey everyone. I the designer behind the puzzle, just wanted to say thanks for your input, it’s great to get this real-time type of response to design.

    Polarn O Pyret; If you’re interested in the puzzle in a commercial sense, we haven’t yet launched this product in Scandinavia, it’s brand new. If you’re interested in becoming a stockist, please get in touch.

    Best Regards,

  5. where can I get this puzzle and the clock?? I live in Minnesota USA! Thanks so much