Bowls by Christoph Finkel

Stunning wooden bowls by switzerland based Christoph Finkel. The bowls are made out of wood that Christoph finds locally. He obviously pushes the limits of what is possible to create a perfect shaped bowl from a bulky pice of wood. Beautiful.

(thank you angelica)

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  1. Just great :) I want one.

  2. Hi SwissMiss,

    these bowls are nice. But last year I saw even more spectacular ones on the IHM fair in Munich (Germany) made by the german Woodturner Benjamin Planitzer. Take a look:

    If you’re interested in more handcrafted design products of this kind take a look at of the Hamburg based Gallery craft2eu (

    I bet you’ll love it.

    Liebe Grüße aus München ;-)

  3. just a stunning design piece – I love the layering

  4. The slight imperfections would drive me insane in an otherwise neat design.

    I keep staring at them wanting to fix the lack of alignment within the ordered lines.

    I think if it’s going to be disordered, it needs to be more overall and obviously meant to be like that for me.