Davoser Schlitten

Oh, all this snow here in NYC is making me feel nostalgic. I wish I had a Davoser Schlitten (sled) here in NYC to take Ella sledding. Everyone in Switzerland grows up with these…

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  1. Untill the early eighties, these were the only sleds you could buy in Holland as well. I never realized they came from Switzerland!

  2. I have one – but didn’t use it for quite a while…

  3. In which case Switzerland would extend deeply into Germany. I come from Northern Bavaria and the name on my sled is “Davos”. Can children grow up without?

  4. I’m glad I have a store in Toronto that sells those. ( http://www.inquisitivekid.com/ ) Next year Little A will need one. They even have a tiny one for kids of her age.

  5. Toll, den Schlitten hab ich auch seit meiner Kindheit und er funktioniert immernoch. Leider fehlt in Deutschland jetzt der Schnee :(

  6. We received a family size one as a wedding present, signed by all our guests. It was a reminder of our encounter as my boyfriend-then-husband-to-be made us have an on-purpose “accident” on one of these 20 years ago already! Great souvenirs…and we’re still using it…

  7. In this case, Switzerland extends all the way throughout Germany: i grew up in Hamburg and everybody had a “Davos” sled!

  8. My children, here in the Netherlands, grew up with these in the 80’s, as did their Daddy. :-) We had a handy accessory too: a back support which curves flexibly and clamps onto the slats, like this:

  9. I live in TX, but grew up with Davoser Schlitten in Switzerland. I think I need one in my living room! Even looking at one makes me feel good!