Everything is amazing…

Everything is amazing and nobody’s happy-Tee. Made me smile. (Make sure you watch the Louis CK skit on this.)

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  1. I want to wear this, and then I want to frame it.

  2. $64 ….that could be why no one is happy ;)


  3. You can buy Trade Gothic and have 10 of these shirts printed for $64.

  4. $64?! That’s just wrong.
    Just piling on.

  5. I love this! …So, you buy the font and get the t free??

  6. a $64 mild joke IS amazing, in a way… ;) and this post sure made Rumplo smile.
    Tina, I enjoy your blog but you must have missed the price on that thing, because this seems slightly out of proportion on any scale.

  7. maybe its Singapore dollars!

  8. it made me smile and yes, I didn’t look at the price. Posting a product doesn’t mean I would buy it. I agree $64 seems way too steep.

  9. Kind of sucks that they’re going to profit off a stolen quote…

  10. $64 is more than a fair price for a good kerning…

  11. Good kerning AND good quality tee I might add!

  12. Theres a few shots here in this gallery, better showing the quality of the shirt: http://work.emperorofantarctica.com/#252662/Norse-Projects

  13. This shirt is amazing and I’m not happy it’s $65!

  14. brilliant! I want one too, I just have to make sure to keep it for those smiley days…. well it can be also for those “not so smiley days”, it will make my friends smile : )

  15. that’s an incredible truth !

  16. “Everything is amazing and it’s expensive!” Me likey the shirt. And $64 might be worth good kerning…nah.
    But I’ll certainly pay extra for good kerning.