Superbowl Google Commercial

Saw the above Google Commercial during today’s Superbowl – made me smile. Refreshingly simple and effective.

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  1. In a sea of otherwise mediocre/offensive advertising, this was my favorite, too!

  2. wow that was super cute.

  3. Perfect combination of clever and cute.

  4. I’m kinda shocked they didn’t incorporate the “I’m feeling lucky” feature.

  5. I LOVED it!!!!!! (maybe because i am French)

  6. so simple. so clever. so perfect.

  7. I liked it, too. But it also demonstrates how privacy can be an issue with Google aggregating (and storing) your search history. It can obviously reveal a lot about every single google user.

  8. I think Alex made a good point.

  9. … didn’t you know that google works together with CIA?! ))

  10. a bit as we say in England – cheesy.

  11. i love the combination of sounds + music and the story in the ad.

    also the simplicity to tell a story.

  12. does anyone know who wrote the music? seems familiar

  13. Some people question why Google is advertising at all. I think the ad was in response to all the Bing ads. The placement and choice of ad was brilliant. Compared to all the mediocre Superbowl ads shown, this one really stood out.

  14. The parody was well done, too, though the subject is a bit tired and more-than-a-bit sordid. I especially like the final punch line.

    But, yes, the Paris love story, even done via search, was totally romantic and made me totally sad.

  15. Yeah, this is the only one that really caught my eye. Perfectly executed.

  16. I thought it was amazing too. Shows you that you don’t necessarily need all that repetition like Bud Light had it. One great ad and you stick out. I wish we had seen something really inventive like last years Miller ads.

  17. One of my good friends from college, Aaron Duffy of 1stAveMachine, directed the Google ad. He is amazing and probably the most hardworking/talented person I personally know. I blogged about some of his other work for Google here:

    Check it out. It’s amazing. He actually hand-crocheted the life-size web browser and those are his hands crocheting live in the ad…

  18. sweet ..
    i proudly discovered thanks to you that my father played a crucial part in the french demographics !

  19. Emily, the work of your friend is in face amazing.

  20. That’s because I’m french, but if your are a man and tell a french girl “Tu es mignon” she will probably laugh because the right sentence must be “Tu es très mignonne” : mignon is for guys, mignonne for girls. ;-)

  21. I do prefer this version from 4 years ago, not just for the sake of originality but I also think this one is more emotional:

  22. @Jan “Desole, la video n’est pas dispnible.”

  23. Sweet, and efficient… I also liked it… maybe because i am french also… by the way the grammar mistake about “mignon”… it would be too cute if a guy would say that… lol.

  24. @ Hans Maybe this link works better?

  25. I don’t read the “mignon” as a grammar mistake at all. I read it as the girl has said (typed) to the guy “Tu es mignon,” but the guy doesn’t understand, therefore searched on Google for the translation. If the guy were going to say it to the girl, he would have written it in English first and THEN gotten the French translation.

  26. True emily thanks for your comment.. Didn’t pay attention at first

  27. true Emily… thanks for your comment… didnt pay attention at first

  28. I’m now googling “crib” …