Then and Now

I agree with Tim, this Looking Into The Past Flick Group is amazing.

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  1. Some things change a little, some things change a lot. You have to go back in history to find out.
    This is a great idea. Why is it that the simple ideas are the most powerful?

  2. Tina

    if you get chance you should take a look at Blaise Aguera’s talk from TED this year. He showed how these types of photos are being integrated in to Bing maps from Flickr. In fact, you can try it out of you go to and click on Map Apps and then choose Streetside photos as an overlay.

    I think you’ll like it

  3. Really great concept – similar to Michael Hughes and his souvenir set:

  4. That is very cool. MIght have to do some of those for Vancouver!

  5. I think the cars creeping in the corners is a really special feature of each photograph.


  6. thank you so much for posting this link! i had seen this somewhere and completly forgot about it unitl recently, and then i could’t find it…
    i think this is really an amazing project.

  7. This is so neat! Just discovered your blog via a link about this project, and I love it!

  8. I really love things like this. I love h ow the background of the first shot is super saturated in colour, as though the world was trying its hardest to contrast with the old photo.