Vintage Velcro Baskets

These White Vintage Velcro Baskets would look fab on swissmister, no?

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  1. sizes ’till 31, guess it will be swissmisterjunior ?

    misters are often neglected when it comes to velcros…
    Me and my son have One Star’s, only he has the cool velcros … and I don’t.

    junior copies of shoes are cooler most of the time – or are grown up copies just uglier than the junior originals ?? Designers : don’t grow up !!

  2. I bought my daughter a pair of Oscar the Grouch Newbalances that were super-FRESH. My wife tried to find them in grown-up sizes but couldnt. They probably would’ve been very ugly in Men’s 12 but I definitely would have bought them…haha

  3. Yikes, 54€. That’s more than I spend on my big daddy kicks.

  4. YES, get him hooked on kicks at an early age. :)

  5. @the666bbq Your blog looks so friggen delicious (not only the food posts), too bad I don’t understand dutch… (manches verstehe ich, aber nich genug um die Rezept auszuprobieren)

  6. @the666bbq & @Hans. Those One Stars you blogged about are pretty dope… I’d eat em! :-/