breakfast pizza

This Breakfast Pizza is making me hungry.

(I have no clue where I found this first, so pardon me not giving proper via-credit)

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  1. It’s from smittenkitchen! Her recipes are amazing.

  2. It’s delicious.

  3. I already tried the recipe and it tastes as good as it looks!

  4. Oh, yum! In an attempt to be slightly more healthy, I had a blueberry pomegranite smoothie this morning for my breakfast via talented boyfriend’s concoction.

    This picture is making my tummy growl!

    Over at my blog I am constantly posting my favorite recipes of my own and from other scrumptious bloggers. Hop over if you’d like!

  5. delicious!
    recently I came across to a one more blog with beautiful pictures of food+recepes:

  6. Makes me nauseous. Blech!

  7. Yum! One of my favourite cafes in Oxford does a breakfast pizza, complete with eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage and black pudding!

  8. its from here!
    I know bc i book marked the link so I could make it later!

  9. It makes perfect sense: Bread, eggs, bacon, cheese, the works! YUM!
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  10. wow!! it’s very strong!!

  11. Look awesome makes me hungry too.

  12. Watch Jamie Oliver’s ‘Food Revolution’ . It starts tonight.

    American schools are serving pizza to kids for Breakfast!
    And we wonder why kids in America are fat….

  13. I saw it on smitten kitchen last week and made it for a brunch…It was delicious! (I added potatoes, and green peppers)

  14. Breakfeast pizzas are simply the best!

  15. Now I have to find something to eat.

  16. Pizza for breakfast? No wonder Jamie Oliver failed in US…

  17. I just thought about Jamie too, pizza for breakfast tststs!

  18. I have a picture of a breakfast pizza that I took at Ortine in Brooklyn. It’s real good, highly recommended:

  19. result #5, seriously?

  20. Hi! You should post via: Smitten Kitchen. Since Deb only posts her own recipes. Btw, great pizza! :D

  21. Oh man, I wish I saw this this earlier today! Looks awesome. Well, tomorrow is another day ;-)

  22. Smitten Kitchen is one of the best food blogs out there! SO GOOD!

  23. we tried it today and ooo, best breakfast ever!