iBend – Brilliant iPhone Stand

There are a lot of iPhone stands out there, but what sold me on the iBend is the fact that it is ultra-thin and you can hide/store it in your iPhone case. YES! Wishlisted!

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  1. Nice. What I also like is the practical pricing and shipping costs.

  2. nice, but idiotic name.

  3. Really? I think the MoviePeg from three days ago is much better all around. This one looks gimmicky and cheap and I expect it to be handed out as swag with company logos all over it.

  4. I like the moviePeg better for something that’s going to sit on my desk, but I don’t want to carry it with me. I do wish they’d lose the branding all over the back though.

  5. That looks really cool, and useful. Great design concept! :-)

  6. That looks functional, if a little basic. If you want something more stylish and substantial I might recommend something over at http://mjdinsmore.etsy.com.

  7. Thanks for video, very informative