Parallel World

People fill the floor of their homes with furniture and walls with paintings and pictures. So why are the ceilings left empty? Decorating ceilings was a celebrated art form in the past centuries that somehow got lost through the reductionism of modernism. People don’t look at the ceiling anymore. It’s a dead space. So I wanted to bring a small wink to this space. I also liked the idea that somehow there’s a parallel world which coexists with ours.

Parallel World by Ji Lee

(thank you keren)

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  1. That’s creeping me out a little bit.

  2. Check out this exhibition at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA–“Gravity is a Force to be Reckoned With” it’s upside-down on a way larger scale.

  3. True, but the initial idea was that empty ceiling equals more space. Our rooms are much smaller than the ones painted in the past. I’m not sure it’s a dead space. More like a useful void :).

    My interests encompass home office and I can tell you that you can rarely use the ceiling without disrupting the floor. After a full day outside, you may find that empty space comforting.

  4. wow, i loved this. so clever & i definitely did a double-take.

  5. Reminds of an idea we had for decorating the office at my prior company: Glue architects’ models on to the ceiling.

    Not only would it create an exciting ceiling to explore, there would also be a lot of stories hidden in the ceiling – about the projects, the architects themselves etc.

    In addition, we were hoping it would help on the very bad acoustics in the room. Unfortunately, we never realised the project, but I still think it would have been awesome