Pebble Mat

This Pebble Mat made me look. Not sure how I would feel about having one in my apartment though. Must feel odd to step on it, no?

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  1. I’m uncordinated enough when I rise in the morning so I can’t see this going near my bed. Looks like something that could go in a shower?

  2. A great idea until we consider it in situ. In a warm climate, definitely. For cold winter mornings in Toronto, not by my bed, thanks. If I didn’t like to be barefoot in the house, I’d love to see it at the kitchen sink, or maybe inside the front door. Some friends who live in the country have a natural large-stone foyer floor, which is the sensibility this piece was going for, I think.

  3. Must feel nice! Free morning foot massage!

  4. I have this mat and LOVE IT! It like a little foot rub every time I step on it!

  5. I like it, but I like this version better, it’s felted stones:

  6. +1 for it would feel AWESOME.

  7. I’d echo the sentiments…..It feels great to step on!

    front door mat for us-

  8. It would be so cold in the winter, but think of how soothing it would be on your feet on a hot, summer night.

  9. Agreed, feels great to step on. We have had our pebble mat for about a year now and surprised us as it’s still holding up. We placed it as a out of the shower mat and entry mat – both took the abuse and no loose rocks yet.

  10. were can i find this great pebble mat?
    thanks jewls