Secret Banksy Badge

Dennis Crowley, a huge Banksy fan, launched a secret Banksy badge on Foursquare that fans are only now discovering. When you check in this weekend at any of the movie theaters where the film is playing (ie San Fran, New York, LA, Palo Alto, Berkeley, and Palo Alto) and mention the word “Banksy” in a shout, it unlocks the Banksy Fan badge. (Pictured above)

I am not a Foursquare user or fan but this made me smile. I am all for Easter Eggs in Apps.

(thanks M)

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  1. lol thats pretty sweet (i especially enjoy the sun glasses)

  2. So is this a paid advertisement or not? It’s not clear.

  3. Just to clarify, I didn’t want you to think I am asking if your post is paid but whether Foursquare was paid to make the Banksy badge. I’m wondering if you might know.

  4. You’d think it would make more sense to unlock it at the site of some of his pieces, rather than some random cinemas. But then as a Bristolian I suppose I would think that.

  5. i did this and it did not work. :(

  6. i’ve no chance of unlocking this badge in London, would love the chance to do so… perhaps visiting 10 of his works or something unlocks this?

  7. I signed it and mentioned Banksy and it didn’t work. No badge. Total weak sauce.

  8. Sorry to see the comments that some people are not able to unlock their badges. We’ve tested it at all the theaters and it’s indeed working. We’ve seen hundreds unlocked over the weekend. That said, we’ll see if there is a glitch somewhere.

    In terms of Hrag’s questions about any payments made to Foursquare. There were none. Dennis Crowley saw the film a couple of weeks ago and we started talking about doing something cool for fans as a surprise.

    Marc Schiller
    Wooster Collective

  9. Yeah, the Banksy badge did not work at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood, CA yesterday at all. No one I know was able to unlock it and we all saw (and LOVED) the movie. Kinda shitty.

  10. just heard from a friend who saw the Banksy film at the Landmark Theater here in LA last night as well and she was also unable to unlock the badge. has anyone successfully unlocked the badge in LA Saturday at all?

  11. Just tried here at Landmark Sunshine NYC – but nothing. Nada, zip… what a bummer. =( they should send to later if they couldnt get it to work as described…

  12. Correction… a couple of hours later. I was just notified that the badge came thru here in NYC. Nice!

  13. Cool, foursquare must’ve found, fixed and made-up for the glitch … our badges finally became unlocked today :) thanks 4sq

  14. I was at Landmark Sunshine NYC too – – shouted and I’m still locked out – kinda sucka!

  15. Saw it last night at the ArcLight in Hollywood. I am also one of the many bummed who failed to unlock it. I checked in before and shouted after. No dice. And nothing unlocked today. Boo. Great flick though.

  16. Saw the film twice at the Landmark LA (Friday and Saturday) and no badge. What a great film, they actually moved it to a bigger theater to accommodate everyone.

  17. Also working in Chicago. Able to unlock the badge at the Century Landmark.

  18. Sadly doesn’t seem to work for one night engagements. Tried it at the Tivoli theater in Downers Grove, IL and it was a no go.

  19. Not working in Columbia, SC at the Nickelodeon either…bummer.

  20. Didn’t work tonight in Lewis theatre in WV. Bummer

  21. Hey, just a note that despite getting it in April, Foursquare has removed the badge from my page. It no longer appears… Anyone else notice this??

  22. Hey! Whattabout getting the Banksy badge when seeing the movie abroad (i.e. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Europe)???

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