TEDx Talk: Raising Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

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  1. I’d be on board if making wads of cash from gullible people wasn’t always the motivating factor. The video at the end applauds entrepreneurship for making the world a better place, which I think is a good lesson to learn. But taking advantage of your granny’s bridge club because they think your cute is not what I’d like my kids learning.

    I hate to say it, but I’m glad this guy isn’t my dad. Or my neighbor.

  2. oops, “you’re cute” – sorry dad (my dad preached grammar, not entrepreneurship, to less success, I’m afraid).

  3. You should check out Ken Robinson’s talk on Ted. Really great.

  4. Wow – Thanks for posting.

    And Ribbu – my point perhaps re: Grandmothers bridge club only showed one side. if they didn’t get value – they’d have quickly stopped buying. One of the women re-told me about it every summer for about 20 years after.

    Entrepreneurs start companies – and our clients let us know if the value is worthwhile. Basic Supply & Demand. The jobs created, and taxes generated for the economy.

    Thanks for the feedback though.

  5. Cameron – point taken. I suppose that since money does make the world go ’round, it’s good someone is keeping it spinning.