Up There

A documentary about the art of handpainted advertising murals.

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.

(via sy)

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  1. didn’t know that that still exsists!!!
    Theese paintings hav got an increadible character to it. i’t real advertisment and an enrichment for city I believe.

    thank for that post!

  2. amazing….a lost art again still holding on….a great way to employ people again..producing art that is commercial but human.

  3. Just amazing!
    Im lucky enough to have a few of those here in Portland, and even the ones that are fading away from years past are still beautiful.

  4. This artform lost a true artist and a beautiful person back in March. http://www.artfxmurals.com/ out of Portland lost a member of it’s family due to an unfortunate and tragic snowmobiling accident.

    His art will definitely live on for a long time here, and I hope some will survive in NYC as well.

    RIP Shane Bennett

  5. WOW! “U can’t PRINT what we PAINT”…

    Fantastic job putting this video together…
    You captured the Heart and sole of these Artists…Bravo!

    Leo Ferraro

  6. saw this a few weeks back… beautifully shot and a smart move by Stella.

  7. That was incredible. Very inspirational.

  8. wow!!! One of the most beautiful documental movies that I watched in the last time! I almost cry!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!