Be a virtual guest

Preparation for our upcoming swissmiss-blog-birthday party on may 26th, 2010 are in full swing. Get ready for Alphorns, Cheese and Photo Booth Fun! Did you buy a ticket yet?

Not in NYC? No problem, join us virtually, like the lovely folks on the images above.

Take a photo of yourself holding up a sign saying either where you’re from, your url, twitter name or any other type of birthday message that you wouldn’t mind displayed on a huge giant screen. The photos in this Flickr group will be rotating on the screen during the event. Add your image to the group or if you do not have a Flickr Account, email it to me and I’ll add it on your behalf.

(While I love the collages people have sent in, it’s all about having you be part of the festivities, so please include yourself in a photo…)

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