Bearded Man

Oh, hello there, little bearded man with yellow tie. Designed by Matilde Beldroega.

I wonder what his name is? Henry? Hugo? Sepp?

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  1. Cute.
    Reminded me of him somehow.


  2. Yeh, he’s pretty good, if not a little sneaky looking . . .

    Reminds me of this chart, The Trust Worthiness of Beards:

    haha x

  3. back again ;))
    so cute.

  4. Thank you! my bearded men feel very very proud to be here :D

  5. At we are in love with bearded man! I believe he could be José:)
    Thank you!

  6. I love this little fellow! He is definitely a Henry!

  7. haha this reminds me of an old pic of my dad!

  8. Zé! [the typical portuguese male name].