Car Print Raincoat

I spent the past 4 years checking out girls clothes for little Ella Joy. I am just slowly warming up to the idea of buying boys clothes… Not that Tilo is old enough for a raincoat yet, but this Limited Edition Car Print Raincoat by Polarn O.Pyret is simply adorable.

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  1. Love the coat. It is interesting to see the different way the Swedish Polarn O. Pyret website is organized vs. the American one. Whereas the Swedish one has clothes categorized by TYPE e.g. pants, shirts, dresses, the American one is organized by SEX e.g. boy, girl. uni. Do we really need the strong gender division a la the 50’s in the US? Time to grow up!

  2. Whilst the coat does have cars on it I’m afraid it is, to me, most definitely a girls coat! Sorry!

  3. The white ones lokes like “Gipfeli”… Swiss-German for Croissants

  4. It’s a unisex coat.
    Unisex like all clothes should be, especially for kids.
    Boys want pretty too, if you let them. And girls like cool stuff too. We set the norms as they are born as individuals rather than one sex or the other.

  5. Amen to what @stina said.

  6. That’s a VW Beetle, isn’t it? Cute! They should have adult sizes, too. My wife wants one.