Lena Goldsteiner came up with a beehive for your balcony, backyard or rooftop garden. Who said that living in the city means you can’t keep bees?

As a beekeeper, you are direct observer of the symbiosis of animal, plants and human. Inspired by Richard Buckminster Fullers theory of Synergetics and Albert Einstein direct and simple conclusion:

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe the man would only have 4 years of life left.


– Albert Einstein

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  1. (Don’t you mean, “buzzzarre”? heehee)

  2. http://www.snopes.com/quotes/einstein/bees.asp

    there is no evidence that Einstein did say that. And where does the 4 years come from?

    Not that we shouldn’t be nice to the bees….

  3. Sorry have to agree, there is no evidence for the Einstein quote.

    Plus bees aren’t the only pollinators, a number of other insects especially flies pollinate plants. Not that I’m saying we shouldn’t be doing more to save bees!

  4. But how does it work? How large is it?

  5. The design looks very hip and all, but the designer doesn’t seem to have a very good understanding of bees. How would you entice them to start a hive in this thing? How large is it? Bees are looking for a place to create a good and healthy colony.

  6. This is an interesting design but it’s much too small for bees. Hives can get as big as 6 Langstroth deeps. A novice would have serious problems with this. A non beekeeper would need a place away from human traffic to hang it. A balcony would be an inappropriate place. The bees could be very defensive and they would lose the use of that balcony until they can get someone to get in to it and get the queen.

    While the top portion has movable ribs the bottom portion does not. In the U.S. a hive must have movable frames so the bees can be inspected. This design the top would be legal, the bottom portion makes it illegal. The grill separating the top from the bottom looks like a queen excluder is unnecessary.

    Cool design, unpractical though.

  7. I love this. My only concern is the practical aspect of naming a colony of pet bees. Do you give them only collective name or tons and different names?

  8. Bees in whole are considered a super organism. Not one part can live without the other. So if you want to name it you’d name the hive as a whole. For example I have two hives. One named “Nine Inch Nails” because they’re a little twitchy and defensive. The other I named “the Pussycat Dolls” cause they don’t care if you’re there. They’re very docile. Got a bee that stands out? Fine, name it. I have one from NIN called “Bitchy” since she is the only one that complains and flies up to my veil and makes a ruckus.

  9. Pretty cool although I think the the image of the bee is actually a wasp. Accuracy is important in the bee world. Too many wasp’s, yellow jackets and hornets are thought to be bees. Bees are docile, hive loving honey makers. We have three hives in our yard – you can never have enough bee friends!

  10. Nice concept. Is someone comertializing this?

  11. Nice concept. For wasps.