Topos Graphics together with friend Sarah Riegelmann designed this “Gashole magnet”, as part of a personal anti-SUV guerilla campaign.

Yes, made me smile.

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  1. LOL on the smug cleverness of having a product manufactured to sell in supermarkets which will immediately end up in landfills everywhere. Hey, just calling it like I see it…

  2. Um, aside from being smug and modestly-clever and oh-so-attractive for the pretentious Toyota Pious crowd, it’s also what I would call obnoxious vandalism. Hey, just calling it like I see it…

  3. i get that life is different in New York, but i’m from LA where one cannot survive without one’s own automobile, especially when your job requires you to move large things (like say furniture you’ve built) or large quantities of things (like say raw materials for said furniture to be built), and it IS more environmentally conscious to own one big car than own a little car AND a “work truck”.

    certainly there are people driving beastly vehicles that are far larger than they “need” but a lot of us need the space for the kids, the groceries, the dogs, the stuff we design, build and/or sell to pay the bills. it’s lame to assume that every SUV or big vehicle is just a waste of space and resources. and a bigger waste to make something that if someone finds on their car is most likely going in the trash.

  4. Environmental Elitists. Where would we be without them? I’m sure just as much petroleum will be wasted making these plastic stickers, as the SUV you place them on…

  5. I’ll apply this petroleum based label to the large gas guzzling truck that delivers it to my house.

    The designers of this piece should keep their eyes peeled for the sticker I’ll be coming out with shortly, it says “A** Hole” and you can attach it to the high horse you must ride around town.

  6. Hey everyone, this made me laugh and that’s about it. Also, please note that I am actually driving an SUV. Guilty as charged.

  7. Why are you guilty? It’s a car, who cares.

  8. Snow + SUV = Safe(r)

    I can’t believe this salient fact is left out of so, so many car conversations. A Prius would be a risky, scary ride for six months out of the year in my town.

  9. This is really funny, definitely a couple of Hummers in Philadelphia that deserve this!

  10. Reminds me of the Hummer Bird website . Mission accomplished!!!

  11. I have a family of five, three are children who are still growing…so I won’t apologize for needing the extra space. I may own an SUV, but I also recycle, ride the bus to work, and turn out the lights as I walk out of a room (so much so I often accidentally turn the lights off while my kids are still in the shower).

    But besides that…phrases like “Spit Happens” or “Life’s a Beach” have always rubbed me the wrong way. So I guess it’s not surprising “gashole” makes me crinkle my nose too. LOL

  12. Americans will never learn. It’s not smug. We are in war times… and you should be conserving energy in war times. That’s how you support your troops. You were considered a NAZI in America if you were wasting gas during WWII.

    Obviously, innocent people will be targeted, people who need SUVs for work or large families. But, I don’t know too many knobs driving Hummers because their family needed it!

  13. @jeff: lighten up, Francis.

  14. why SUV only? Large sedans, sports cars. Try sticking one on one a Lamborghini or Bentley next time you see one (I’m in Chicago, they’re not that rare). Or are those vehicle types OK?

    @jeff, no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head at the Shell station across the street to buy gas at $3.60/gallon here in Chicago. Wasting?

    We have a not very efficient (aka sporty) V8 4 door sedan and drive less than 6k miles a year (we work from home, the ultimate telecommuters) So don’t judge a book by its cover.

    We also haven’t had a vacation in 4 years (no airplanes) So screw you and your gasholes.

  15. Do they have a “mind your own business” decal?

  16. I think it’s awesome, but especially with the currently backlash against environmentalism, these guerilla magnets will just annoy people. This is evident in many of the negative comments here. People are more sophisticated and more skeptical with regards to green marketing. This magnet is ill-timed. Still cool though. :D

  17. LOL on all the self-righteous Americans who by demanding cheap petrol for their gas-guzzling poseur machines are destroying the planet…

    Actually not LOL because you’re killing us all!

    Most popular vehicle in the US – Ford F-150 18 mpg

    Most popular car in Sweden – Volvo v70 41.5mpg

    Which country needs a bigger car to deal with all that snow?

  18. hybrid vehicles are just as bad for the environment in the short and long run. the environmental footprint to create the batteries used in the vehicles and their disposal is widely over looked, not to mention you are exposed to a dangerously high emf levels from the battery bank.

    did everyone fail science…?


    or is it… gas or life? Fuck a gulf of mexico

    please tax gas in the US PLEASE i live in thailand and gas is the same price here except ppl have an average of 1/4 the money!! think about that one when u are complaining about gas prices when gas prices in this country are causing riots

    lets all read some baudrillard and get a grip on our aggressive self-righteousness/angst.

  20. @aaronaut :
    not sure you’re right on this one .
    owning and using responsibly two cars can save fuel and footprint too .
    both cars will last way longer and consume less fuel – if you use them at the right times .

  21. Live and let live!
    I will not be buying one.
    Do they shop at super-markets?
    Do they use plastic?
    Do they ride a bicycle and not the bus?
    Are they vegetarians or vegans even?
    Will they be doing this when they’re 65?