This Migros T-Shirt is fabulous. Especially if you wear it outside of Switzerland where hardly anyone knows what it is about. (Migros is a big supermarket chain in Switzerland!)

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  1. Is there any way to get this shirt in the UK?

    I’m looking over their website, I was just wondering in advance whether anyone knows if they deliver internationally?

  2. Hi Victor!!

    just mail to [email protected]! They will help you!

    But’ I’d honestly prefer a shirt with a big orange ‘C’ ^^


  3. Mmmmmm, those chocolate ice creams are the best. Just to make you jealous: I have a Migros roght next door and plenty of those in my freezer.
    You should have seen their M-budget line for underwear: hilariously ugly!

  4. God, I miss the Migros. Frey chocolate bars are my absolute favorite, and their brand of mixed hazlenut/chocolate spread (the swirly kind, not the just-like-nutella kind) is the best. *sigh* I miss living in Geneva so much.

  5. about migros, did you check their 2009 annual report ? They printed it on the paperbags, great! http://m09.migros.ch/en/focus-09/glance

  6. @Chantal
    Budget underwear is never a good idea!

  7. I am so going to buy this when there in July! Whee!

  8. As much as I am a CO OP fellow, I actually rather like this shirt which doesn’t look M-Budget at all! I will pop down to Migros at lunch time and pick one up.

  9. it’s perfect for me, my name is Marcantonio

  10. That’s great, love it!

  11. My sister lives in Basel. I adore your website and love that I get most of your Swiss references :-).

  12. Best M ever!

  13. My favorite supermarket in Switzerland hands down. Although I found myself going to COOP many times for the beer!

  14. avoid wearing it in Istanbul (Turkey) (:
    Nice place to both hide and show the large orange M of Migros!

  15. ah i have always wanted to do a series of tshirts like this! love it.