swissmiss PSFK Talk

Below is a video of the talk I gave at this year’s PSFK conference. Thank you for having me Piers!

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  1. so inspiring. just kept me from working on a paper and gave me some strenght again :) thanks.

  2. Hi Tina
    I feel like I’ve met you now, thank you.

  3. I have always liked your style, humor & ideas, now I love also your being so passionate … thanks!

  4. Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the talk!

  5. dear swiss miss, that talk was really inspiring. i can relate to so much of what you talked about… i just got the teux deux list, and i have to say that i am stoked about it! simple, and with ease… finally a list that makes it easy.

    thanks again, and much continued success.

  6. you are very inspiring!

  7. Wow, this was very interesting and inspiring. I totally agree that your success comes from the private presentation in the blog.
    It is not about getting an insight into your privacy, but to see that all the stuff you post represent your taste, your personal stye. That’s what I like about blogs, when you see that the blogger thinks about the content and present it in a refelctive way. Not just: “Nice picture”. But also to see the ones opinion and ideas why he/she just blogged that thing.

    And if his/her taste fits to mine, you get addicted to the blog, like swissmiss for me.

  8. Wow, this was a great talk.

    A superb explanation of your curation process, blogging mindset/schedule, and how you connect to your knowledgeable, and very curious, audience.

  9. This is simply beautiful. So incredibly beautiful.

  10. I was there!

  11. Nice presentation.

  12. Your point about not bringing in editors on blog struck me. As a design agency, we built a side blog that grew to 20,000 readers because we posted really high quality articles and tutorials. But we’re still a design agency who gets busy with clients and our own self-initiated projects and movements we get involved in. So that leaves our blog stale and cold. That’s why we brought in editors,

    The quality has gone down, mostly because we’re not as active in our own blog anymore.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  13. “I love poeple with ideas. Go out and do it….” Wonderful speech. And please, bring the creative mornings to Freitag Zuri again :)

  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! i admire your work…was a wonderful presentation.
    Greetings from El Salvador.

  15. watching your talk was so inspiring. i think your blog is going to start becoming one of my daily regulars! :)

  16. I really hope you’re having a talk in Germany some time. I’d really like to see you “live”. Please keep doing what you do!