Are you on Flickr and use the Tweetie 2 iPhone app? Then you might want to know about Godzilla. It let’s you skip the image services like twitpic or yfrog when tweeting. When you send a tweet from Tweetie 2, Godzilla uploads the image to your Flickr account. Excellent.

UPDATE: Works like a charm. First upload. YESSS!

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  1. I tried it on the new version which is Twitter for iPhone as Tweetie 2 no longer exists. But sadly it does not work.

    Are you using the new version or still the old Tweetie 2?

  2. Since Tweetie was bought up by Twitter, look for the Twitter.app it has the same functionality.

    Echofon.app also has a Flickr upload service built-in, but since Tweetie/Twitter.app is my favourite for tweeting, then gdzl.la is a welcomed addition!