YouTube Vuvuzuela Button

Just noticed the soccer-ball button on YouTube to add vuvuzela noise to the video you’re watching. Go YouTube for having a sense of humor.


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  1. Hehe, the vuvuzela button is awesome! Best part is: even if you pause the video, the vuvuzela keeps on buzzing!

  2. My god, what is it you are watching on the Tube Swissmiss?! He better not be butt naked! ;)

  3. Patrick Duffy! Yeah! Man from Atlantis ;-)

  4. Yep, sis, Man from Atlantis indeed. Went down memory lane last night. Thank god for YouTube…

  5. Hilarious!! I love it!

  6. I already hear that buzz wherever I go (even far from the TV), I may be watching too much World Cup.

  7. Does anyone know what happened to the “lights out” option on YouTube? It was a button like the vuvuzela one that dimmed the screen except for the video window…

  8. HA! Patrick Duffy with webbed digits! God I loved that show. BTW have you seen the Patrick Duffy and The Crab videos? SO good.

  9. BB, that Crab-Duffy Video made my day! HA!