Lekue – Multifunction Lid

One of the many perks of doing a houseswap is that you get to try other people’s stuff. Take the kitchen for example. During our current amazing stay in Switzerland we get to use different kind of coffee makers, toasters, blenders, pots and lids. And yes, this post is about a multifunction lid. The Lekue Suction Lid has won my heart. (Didn’t know a simple silicone lid could do that.) Watch the video below to get the idea…

(what’s with the elevator music in this video?)

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  1. This reminds me of the SmartLidz infomercials.

  2. Hallo Tina, long time reader – so thanks for keeping me infotained.

    A small bit of advice about the embedding of the YouTube videos, remember to choose a custom width when generating the embed code, in your case 480 px I guess?

  3. cool stuff. i want.

    the music. hmmm. i had this urge to know the weekend forecast…

    now. must. go to. weather. channel.

  4. Pretty cool idea. So simple, why has no-one done this before?
    (or have they?)

  5. Cool stuff! I’m wondering if your houseswapees bought these in Switzerland (and where)???

  6. hahaha – I was really wondering about the music when I noticed your little comment at the bottom of the vid window!

  7. I love my Lekue lid. I tried other brands before finding this gem. I’m about to order more, they work so well.

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