Sonntagsblick Magazin

I had the honor to be featured in the swiss Sonntagsblick Magazin yesterday. A big thank you to the lovely journalist Yvonne Eckert and wonderfully talented and smooth photographer Katja Heinemann. A big hello to all new readers because of the article.

Interested in reading the article (german only)? You can download the pdf here.

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  1. This is so cool, Congrats!

  2. Congratulations, Tina – awesome spread!

  3. OK, those kid chairs… what are they? So awesome!

  4. @Andrew, they are vintage Cosco Carbooster seats.

  5. 1) I hope to have an apartment as beautiful as yours.

    2) This is yet another reason for me to re-learn German. (I plan to find a class when I move to NY. Know of any off hand?)

  6. I recognize those fine drafting skills on the kitchen chalkboard!

  7. I like the child seat in combination with the low coffee table. What is the table? Do the seats fit under the table for kids to play/draw there or is the table to expensive to be ‘accidentally’ drawn on?

  8. My Brooklyn home looks as inviting and fabulous as ever, and you look gorgeous, girl. Congratulations!

  9. Congrats! Great space. The little chairs are so cute :)

  10. and the cow! i love the cow! where did you get that?

    this makes me really want to see your toy storage…

  11. congratulations from switzerland!

  12. you are a star!

  13. Nice digs.

  14. Congrats!!!

  15. Ahhh, where did you get those inCREDible cabinets?

  16. okay, no offense tina, but do you own any tops that AREN’T black? :P

  17. Awesomme! Shones haus!

  18. lovely! we have the same child seats and i’ve been eyeing the same offi (is that right?) coffee table.

  19. Yes, where did you get that coffee table from? It’s lovely!

  20. OK. I give up! Cannot get to the PDF. Cannot find the German Magazine.

  21. Karen, the link works for me! Try again?

    Arylene, the coffeetable is from

  22. I want the PDF. You said, “Interested in reading the article (german only)? You can download the pdf here.” I get nothing when I click “here”.

  23. Thanks for the link! Design Public has absolutely droolworthy homewares…oh my…