Biodegradable Pen

The DBA Pen is the only 98% biodegradable pen in the world. It’s also the only pen to use ink composed of simple, environmentally responsible ingredients. Produced at a wind-powered facility in the United States, it was designed as a responsible alternative to the wasteful and often toxic pens we use almost every day. And with its straightforward design and rollerball tip, the DBA Pen looks good and writes well too.

By the way, DBA is looking for an intern.

DBA 98 Biodegradable Pen from DBA on Vimeo.

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  1. The idea is just great…. Biodegradable pen is the future… made from a “potatoes” and it’s 98% degradable… Why I didn’t see this on the market… Lets live green!

  2. This is great! Every little bit we can keep out of landfills helps. I use a decades old fountain pen to do my bit.

  3. I’m always asking me how reasonable it is to work food into plastic … and at the same time people all over the world are feeling the pinch of hunger …

  4. Love these pens! Its amazing to see how they have gone the extra mile in everything – made in a wind powered facility in NY?! Awesome. Ps. Check out their website..its inspiring.

  5. Interesting, but as Marc said: using food for pens (and fuel for that matter) may not be as friendly for the environment as you may think.

    But still, it’s a great way of thinking and the animation in the movie is great!

  6. Be warned.

    I bought two packs of these when they were first released and have found them to be really weak-inked.

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful comments – we really appreciate the feedback.

    With regard to the use of food-crops in the production of bioplastics, DBA is very aware of all sides of the issue and, needless to say, we are greatly concerned with the ecological and social impact of all our products. While we would never propose that bioplastics are appropriate for every application, there a some situations when they do make the most sense. We are confident that the non-GMO bioplastic we chose is the best option for the production of disposable pens – due to their material complexity, conventional plastic pens are not able to be recycled with standard curb-side pickup and must therefor be disposed of in the landfill waste-stream…not to mention the many other problems associated with petroleum based materials. For these reasons we have determined that a biodegradable / bioplastic-based pen is the best possible solution for the challenges at hand.

    We also believe that the issue is much bigger than just material choices. From the wind-turbine powered factory located in upstate NY, to the non-toxic ink, to the 100% recycled packaging – we have made every effort through the entire manufacturing process to make a pen that is as ecological as possible.

    And to Luke, we are very sorry to hear about your issue – we really hope that you will contact us directly so that we can try and make up for it.

    For those of you who feel strongly about the social and ecological impact of bioplastics, we need your help. Take a stand against genetically modified crops and don’t accept green-washed marketing. DBA firmly believes that we all have the responsibility to make informed choices.

    All the best,

  8. …and prays for a Bic buy-out.

  9. Er… why not just use a refillable pen?

    …or make biodegradable refills??

    It seems ridiculous to throw away the entire pen – biodegradable or not.

  10. Love this concept. Re: refils, c’mon. Even if there were biodegradable refills available, who is really going to be bothered to go and buy them? Great idea that is certainly better than doing nothing at all don’t you think ‘nay saying I’ll find a negative with everything’ people ??

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